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VBR Star Soccer Club is looking for volunteers to work BINGO each SATURDAY and SUNDAY day and evening session for approximately 5 hours per shift. The following positions need to be filled for each session: Treasurer, Game Manager, Instants Manager, Caller, and 10 volunteers (4 positions can be filled by a minor).  If you find that you develop a conflict any time before or after 6:00 p.m. on Friday, please call or text Theresa New at (540) 798-4108 or email 

You must arrive for your shift by 5:00 PM. It is very important to get set up and begin selling on time so that the games can start on time.  Plan on staying until bingo ends, which could be as early as 9:45 or as late as 10:30.

Valley Hall is located at 1320 E. Washington St., Vinton, VA.

If you are interested in training for a Treasurer, Game Manager, Instants Manager and/or Caller, please contact Theresa New at


  1. Each Volunteer position is on a first come, first serve basis.

  2. Get credit for working. Sign in when you arrive. The Game Manager will have a sign in sheet for the night. If your name is not on it, we cannot verify you were there and you will not receive credit

  3. DO NOT have someone sign your name for you.

  4. All volunteers must have a photo id on their person.  If a minor is working without a photo id then a parent or responsible party must accompany that minor.

  5. All minors MUST have a permission slip on file at the Bingo Hall. If a minor is volunteering please provide the permission slip at the beginning of the night to our Game Manager.

    • Minors must be no younger than 14 years old.

  6. All adults volunteering are required to move in and out of the smoking section.

  7. Volunteers are not allowed to participate in ANY game being played, sold, etc.

*Bingo Credits hold no cash value and are non-transferable*


Valley Bingo Hall

Valley Bingo Hall
2002 Highland Farms Road, Roanoke, Virginia 24017|Office: 540.345.7820|Fax: 540.345.7840