Program Overview:

The goalkeeping position requires a specialized training program. We focus on the development of goalkeepers U11-U19. Training is tailored to the players age and performance level. Our program is focused on developing and mastering all facets of being a goalkeeper.

VBR Star goalkeepers are offered 2 goalkeeper sessions per week during the outdoor training seasons. VBR Star goalkeepers are offered to train 1 time per week during the winter season. 

VBR Star GK Curriculum:

VBR Star goalkeeper program is based on age appropriate training focusing on the technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects of the game.

Technical: Standing saves, Diving saves, Aerial ball saves, 1v1 saves, Reaction saves, Positioning,  Distribution, Back pass.

Tactical: Positional Play, Reading the Game, Decision-Making, Communication, Organization of Dead ball situations, Game Management

Physical: Developing Strength, Agility, Balance, Coordination,

Mental : Resilient, Confident, Ability to Reset

General Development of Goalkeepers Based on Age (technical, tactical, physical and mental)

GK's 7-8

GK's 9-12

GK's 13-14

GK's 15-18

Basic GK Techniques

Learning GK Techniques

Improving GK  Techniques

Mastering GK Techniques

Learning the Game

Learning Decision Making

Improving Decision Making

Tactical Understanding

Game Activities

Game Movement

Development of Strength

Developing Strength




Mental Strength

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