VBR Star Premier Program

The Roanoke Star Premier program is the best program for youth soccer players in the Southwest Virginia area who are looking to develop their technical skills and play at a good competitive level.

Why choose Premier?

The Premier program is for players that want to develop their technical skills and understanding of the game in a challenging and fun environment. In many ways the Premier program is a great stepping stone for the Elite program. Players in the Premier program may have aspirations and goals to play in the Elite program; however, they may not be quite ready for the next level. This is where the Premier program helps players develop with advanced training and playing opportunities on the weekends. For players to develop, it is important they are exposed to quality training which our premier program offers; however, more importantly players have the opportunity to play in games. Soccer is about many things and one very important aspect is confidence! A confident player enjoys the game more and is less prone to making mistakes! Many players week in and week out find themselves on a team where they do not see much playing time for various reasons. This can affect a player’s confidence as well as their development.

At the Premier level, players will benefit from more playing time and therefore will be able to relax and enjoy the game again. More playing time will only help players get better and help them reach their goals and targets. Our Premier teams play in the Blue Ridge Soccer League (BRSL) so each week they are playing against competitive teams suited to their level.

All players in the Premier program are trained by licensed coaches and will get to play in good competitive games and attend various tournaments allowing plenty of opportunity for playing time. Premier teams follow the same developmental program as the Elite program and we will help you get to the next level no matter what that level may be!

Highlights of the program include:

  • Premier teams compete in the Blue Ridge Soccer League. The Blue Ridge Soccer League is a local league comprised of clubs situated around the Roanoke Valley and provides a good home for players focusing on player development.
  • Roanoke Star participates in the Atlantic Soccer League (ASL)! The aim of the league is to provide top level clubs on the East Coast region a high quality league (boys & girls) in a showcase format that has significant games, limits expenses, and provides a platform for collegiate recruiting. In addition, the ASL will create a scouting program to identify the top players and will promote those players through the league website and the regional and national media.
  • The ASL will allow us to reduce travel to tournaments and maximize college exposure for our players as it provides a ready-made, high level tournament format.
  • Premier players will have the opportunity to play on the ASL teams through guest play. Certain Premier players will be invited to practice and play with ASL squads.
  • Roanoke Star coaching staff has more licensed coaches than any other club in Southwest Virginia, including a number of coaches who hold the highest licensing available in the country. All Premier teams receive a high level of coaching from a licensed professional. We feel strongly about coaching education and our Premier coaching staff are consistently sent on United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) courses to improve their education.
  • There is true consistency in coaching and the club follows a developmental program that is guided by the USSF.
  • Roanoke Star has a tremendous history of placing Premier level players in college soccer programs. A large percentage of Elite players move onto play college soccer, however, due to the success of our Premier program, Premier level players are being recruited by prestigious colleges as well!
    Premier teams will practice a minimum of 2 times per week and will have the opportunity to participate in additional Roanoke Star training including indoor futsal and technical and functional training (see below).
  • Our fees for the Premier program are extremely competitive. We are one of the lowest costing clubs in our area and our fees are actually less than some other area clubs. Our Premier players receive an excellent level of training for an extremely competitive price.
  • Roanoke Star has a number of college coaches with a winning tradition who coach for the program. We are able to keep costs lower as the coaches are dedicated to Roanoke Star and have a consistent history of helping develop players within Roanoke Star.
  • Our practice sessions are always meaningful and consist of planned, age appropriate games and activities.
  • Our Premier program is a great stepping stone to the Elite level. Many players that are selected for our Elite program started in our Premier program to develop their skills and benefit from playing competitive games. Players develop at different levels and our Premier program helps players that want to play at the Elite level get there! Even if Elite soccer is not your aim, our Premier program will help you become the best player you can be in a challenging and fun environment.
  • Players from Roanoke Star consistently dominate the local high school soccer scene. Our advanced training is a huge factor in this.
  • Players at Roanoke Star are able to benefit from many additional training opportunities. These include technical development training, goalkeeper training, strength and conditioning training, functional positional training and individual training.
  • Players are encouraged to communicate with college coaches. Roanoke Star will provide an extensive college recruitment guide to every player in the U15-U18 age group. Players will also have their own college recruitment adviser who will meet with the players at their request to help guide them through the college recruiting process.
  • Danny Beamer is the college recruitment adviser. Danny will provide unbiased, realistic and comprehensive advice to players. Coach Danny is a current NSCAA National Staff coach who teaches coaching courses throughout the USA. Danny has extensive college coach contacts as well as numerous contacts in the professional game in Europe.
  • Premier players within Roanoke Star have opportunities to be scouted at tournament games by other soccer professionals. U16-U19 Premier teams will travel to showcase events at the end of the fall season to put themselves in front of national team scouts, ODP coaches, USSF Academy scouts, numerous college coaches and National staff instructors. There is no better place to play if you desire to play at a higher level. You never know who is watching!
  • All Premier players at Roanoke Star will have the opportunity to go on a European trip. Every year our U14 Girls teams and U15 Boys teams travel to Europe and participate in the biggest youth soccer tournament in the world, the Gothia Cup. Players fundraise for the trip and many players have managed to offset the total cost of the trip through fundraising efforts.