Directors Perspective (Part 1)

The Tryout Process

Directors Perspective (Part 1)

Roanoke, VA (April 12th, 2019) – The late Spring across the United States is one of the hardest times for youth soccer staffs. It is chaotic trying to finish the Spring season, but also get players organized for the Fall season, and also dealing with the school year is ending.

The ultimate goal is to place players in a team/training environment that will allow them to be successful for the entire year. Here at Star, we have three different ways to place players:

1- Elite

2- ChampElite (Formerly known as PremElite)

3- Championship (Formerly known as Premier)

As we know, many players trying out for our club want to be on Elite. Being a regional club, we have players from upwards of 1.5 hour commute distance to Roanoke. With that being said, we will encourage players who are from areas like Blacksburg or Lynchburg to stay in their local town and play at the Championship level locally. But with Elite or ChampElite, we would encourage families to take on the commitment to play at the highest level. Players local to Roanoke (Botetourt, Bedford, Franklin County), who are not ready for Elite or ChampElite, we now provide a regional based league at the Championship level with other clubs locally, that will help promote player development for those looking to play at a higher level in the future.

We believe that players who want to get to the next level, should play with and against similar skilled players. Our tryouts are to evaluate all players (current, past and new) to the best of our staff’s abilities. We want all players to have a fair opportunity each Spring to be evaluated and be placed according to current playing ability.

What is ChampElite? This is an opportunity for players in one of two positions to get more opporunity for growth and confidence.

A. ChampElite for a player on Elite-- To get extra game time with the Championship team.

B. ChampElite for a player on the Championship-- to get more training and possible game time with the Elite.

Many times, parents are offended by player placement, and want their child on a 1st team. Unfortunately, when that 1st team playing level at another club is equal to Star’s Championship team, does not give the player a chance to move up with improvement. Long term development is our primary objective (Youth Development at Younger Age’s is an upcoming Director’s Perspective topic). Moving clubs does not always prove to be beneficial, in most cases it is not, as players have to start all over with a new club staff.

We respect family decisions, and want players to play for VBR Star, who desire to play within the club culture we are building and striving for. #WeAreStar is a statement that all players and families need to believe in, as it refers to all areas of our club, Youth Academy, Goalkeeping, Championship, and Elite.


         Chris McClellan

       Director of Coaching


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