Directors Perspective (Part 3)

The College Recruiting Process

Directors Perspective (Part 3)

Roanoke, VA (April 19th, 2019) -  “Helping Players Achieve Their Next Level.” The VBR full time staff, along with the coaches have adopted this phrase over the past few years. Our ultimate objective is to help players of all levels, reach their goals.

For some young players, the goal may be as simple as playing at the high school level and being one of the players to lead their community team to success. But for others, the goal may be to play at the collegiate level. Our development philosophy and culture will help both goals.

Today, I will focus on how VBR Star helps players and families push for the goal of being recruited to play at the collegiate level. 2019, has been a successful year in recruiting for the U18/19 Boys & Girls. Nearly 20 players have committed to play at the Next Level, for some it is at the highly regard Division I level, but for others, it is at the schools that help them check off all priorities and goals academically, socially and then athletically. This may be Division I, II, or III, or maybe even NAIA.

As a club, we know that the dream for all players is to get a college scholarship to play on the biggest stage (for most, that dream is in the ACC at schools like UVA or VT). As a staff, our goal is to help players find the right fit, while being realistic. This process should look different for all players.

We always ask players, what if the unimaginable happens, and you are no longer able to play soccer? Does the school you choose offer everything academically and socially to get you through the next four year?

At VBR Star, we help players through the process. Starting at U15, each player has the opportunity to attend a College Recruiting Seminar hosted by the Staff. All players will have also access to individual meetings to better define their recruiting path. Staff will help bridge communication between player and college coaches (when the player takes the lead). But more importantly, on the field, the club will put you in front of the proper schools to help you be seen, whether that is through high level college showcases, or if it is locally at our own club college combine.

This is one of the most stressful times during a players playing career, and as a staff, we want to help alleviate some of the anxiety, by preparing players with the necessary tools to handle the recruiting process.

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VBR Star Soccer Club, formerly Roanoke Star Soccer Club, began in 1986 with the aim to become the premier youth soccer club in the Roanoke Valley.  Over the course of 29 years, it has grown to over 800 kids and 52 travel teams, competing in one of the top youth soccer leagues on the east coast, the Club Champions League (CCL), and in western Virginia, the CCL Championship the Blue Ridge Soccer League (BRSL).

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VBR Star Soccer Club began in 1986 with the aim to become the premier youth soccer club in the Roanoke Valley. Over the course of 35 years, it has grown to over 1200 kids and 52 travel teams, competing in some of the top youth soccer leagues on the east coast,  ECNL - Regional League and NPL.

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