Gothia Cup Preview

Gothia Cup Preview

For the 27th consecutive year we are sending groups to the Gothia Cup! Considered the youth World Cup, the tournament brings in over 1700 teams from over 80 countries! Three teams from our club will represent in the Swedish capital early next month as our 03 Boys, 04 Boys, and 05 Girls are making the trip! Our players have been training hard and are looking forward to the opportunity to test themselves against clubs from countries including Sweden, Iceland, Norway, England, and China! 

Stay tuned on our Facebook as we will be posting throughout the trip. We highly encourage downloading the Gothia App where the full schedule and all results are available. In addition, all the goals from all the games are reported live.

03 Boys Bracket Preview

173 other teams from 30 different countries will play in  Boys 16. They are divided into 42 different groups. We can be found in Group 20 together with Kärra KIFIK Junkeren and Hong Kong FC.

04 Boys Bracket Preview

221 other teams from 32 different countries will play in Boys 15. They are divided into 55 different groups, We can be found in Group 26 together with Qviding FIFNässjö FFand NCF Elites.

05 Girls Bracket Preview

93 other teams from 13 different countries will play in Girls 14. They are divided into 23 different groups, We can be found in Group 1 together with Piteå IF 1Tyresö FF 1 and Stjarnan 2.

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