Playing Format

Playing Format


Age Divisions U6 U8 U10 U12 U14
Playing Time 4 Quarters x 8 Minutes 4 Quarters x 8 Minutes 4 Quarters x 10 Minutes 2 Halves x 25 Minutes

2 Halves x 25 Minutes

Playing Format

4 v 4 

(Min 3 Players to Start)

5 v 5

(Min 4 Players to Start)

7 v7

(Min 5 Players to Start)

9 v 9

(Min 7 Players to Start)

11 v 11

(Min 9 Players to Start)

Ball Size 3 3 4 4 5
Goalkeeper No


Yes Yes Yes
Referees Coach's Referee Coach's Referee Yes Yes Yes
Offsides None None Clear and Obvious Yes Yes
Heading No No No No Yes
Throw Ins Pass In Pass In Throw In Throw In Throw In
Corner Kicks





Yes Yes Yes
Goal Kicks





Yes Yes Yes


Coach's Referee - Coaches shall make all calls regarding fouls, balls going out of bounds, and any other rule that needs to be enforced.

Uncontested - Nobody shall impede or block the way of a pass.

Laws of The Game

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VBR Star Soccer Club began in 1986 with the aim to become the premier youth soccer club in the Roanoke Valley. Over the course of 35 years, it has grown to over 1200 kids and 52 travel teams, competing in some of the top youth soccer leagues on the east coast,  ECNL - Regional League and NPL.

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